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I've added a few votive offices to the breviary, but have never provided a full listing of them... Here's a link to a section at the bottom of this page that lists out the votive options that can be prayed instead of or in addition to your regular Offices: The Votives

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The Votive Offices and Additional Devotions

The English spiritual tradition includes a variety of liturgical devotions that can be (and have been) used in a variety of ways. In some times and places they have been used in place of the Daily Office; in others, they have been used as supplements to it. My personal view is that the normative liturgical offices for Anglicans remain the appointed Morning and Evening Prayer services as laid out in the appropriate Book of Common Prayer. However, it is fitting that we remain aware of these other liturgical riches and what they offer to our common devotional life. In that spirit, here are a few votive offices. (Other votives remain in preparation...)

Offices of the Dead

Two versions of the Office for the Dead are offered here. The first is the set which was traditionally used in addition to the regular Daily Offices. The second follows the pattern of the '79 prayer book's Morning and Evening Prayer using suitable psalms, readings, and antiphons. (It uses your regular settings for determining traditional [Rite I] or contemporary [Rite II] language.)

Matins for the Dead (Dirige): Traditional language | Contemporary language
Lauds for the Dead: Traditional language | Contemporary language
Vespers for the Dead (Placebo): Traditional language | Contemporary language

Morning Prayer for the Dead
Evening Prayer for the Dead

The Great Litany

The Great Litany may be used either with the latter part of Morning Prayer or as an independent devotion: The Great Litany.

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